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A Discussion of Microphone Basics

12 May 2016

We have decided to create a series of videos discussing the basics of audio. This series is primarily intended to help those involved in a house of worship as an audio engineer. In this series we will give some basic information, share some tips, and suggest some equipment and practices.

If you're interested in more information like this, check back for future videos. We also occasionally offer classes for house of worship audio basics. These classes take place at our facility in Pittsburgh, and are usually free to attend (limit 3 people per congregation). For more information, you are welcome to email education@simonsound.com.


New Website

29 April 2016

Welcome to our new website. We have updated our recent work section to reflect more current projects, and to showcase various aspects of the services we offer. We will also be updating this blog section more often with new information about audio basics, the advanced research we're working on, and small articles on current jobs we're working on.

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